Friday, September 12, 2008

one long day...

This is how I feel after working a FULL day, no joking here, 6:30am-1:30am, with about 2 total hours of downtime. Crazy right?
Man, I never knew how long a day could be.
Anyhoo -- got some disturbing news on the e-mail front, and the boyfriend is leaving the country for a week or so. :( This week is going to be the pits.
On the up side. I have decided to start a crocheting group. I think it will be good for my soul. lol... not to mention, maybe the other people involved. If you're intrested, let me know!
I guess, until then.
Peace out.

1 comment:

theLADY said...

so, i must say that i'm proud of you and your crocheting. remember when i used to steal your scarves in high school? i won't steal them now. i promise.

you do amazing work, my libby.